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tania_nursiahI’m going to divert off at a bit of a tangent today and talk about wedding planners. A “tradition” very much from our friends across the Atlantic, it’s something that is catching on fast here in the U.K. So, I decided to catch up with Tania Nursiah of Orange Blossom Wedding Planners to talk about what she does and how the role has developed.

So, first up, how did Orange Blossom come to be?

“A bit of a convoluted story as it happens”, she laughs. “I used to work in the City as one of those much maligned bankers, but it was something that I came to dislike. So, when my husband and I decided we wanted to start a family, I looked for other avenues”.

Banking to wedding planning, does it follow?

“Well, in many respects no, but in some it does”, she smiles over her coffee. “One thing I just had to be in the banking world was organised. Some of the things I had to organise were very complex with huge cause and effects in play. It was something that I got extremely good at – organising”!

So, how did you get a start in wedding planning then?

“We had a planner for our wedding, and whilst it was very much needed as I was at full tilt at work at the time, I watched and thought “I can do that”, although it was no more than a passing thought at that time. However, when I got to the stage I mentioned above, those thoughts came flooding back to me, and it just felt so right”!

So, did you start up – just like that?

“No, I didn’t, I knew I had to gain some sort of experience. So, I put some feelers out amongst my firends and it was Michelle Wiggett (who I think you’ve showcased here) who put me in touch with one of her wedding planner friends. I offered my services free to learn the ropes. Yes, I was fortunate to be in a position where I could do that, but I assisted on a summer of weddings. That gave me the grounding I needed to start Orange Blossom”.

So, I know all of my photographer readers will want to know exactly what you do!

“Ha ha, yes”, she really does laugh out loud. “I’m really there to just make sure everything goes according to plan come the big day. To make sure the experience is completely stress free for the most important people and that they can relax and enjoy their day. In the run up I can be involved as much or as little as the bride and groom want to be honest”.

So,the service is flexible in terms of what you actually plan?

orange-blossom-logo“Absolutely, I do offer a full wedding planning service where I organise every fine detail. Obviously that’s where I will co-ordinate with the photographer. I have even been involved in putting a photographer short list together for some clients. But essentially, I take a full brief from the bride and groom, then get examples and quotes in from all the service providers and on agreement order those services in. Then I manage the organisation process leading up to the wedding day itself when I will be with the bride for the preparation and then at the venue to make sure everything is absolutely perfect”.

I can see there’s a lot to organise.

“Indeed, and that’s where my in-depth organisation skills come to the fore. Making sure everything works like clockwork on the day is an art form”. She raises a cheeky smile. “But it also needs good people skills as well. You are constantly juggling people, times and events, so you have to get the providers to “buy in” to the bride’s vision and make sure you deliver. The real trick though is to appear invisible to the bride and groom and to make sure everyone is briefed on their role”.

What’s you favourite part of wedding planning?

“Without doubt just seeing the joy on the bride and groom’s faces. The happiness at the ceremony and the party afterwards. Weddings are joyous ocassions and I just love being involved. I think the acid test is would you do this even if you didn’t get paid. And, I can honestly say, that whilst I like getting paid, I just love being a wedding planner, it is the most rewarding thing you can do. It’s not even a job is it”?

Final question, where do you work?

“I’m based in Hertfordshire so I tend to work around Herts and London mostly. I can do other locations, but there are so many great venues close to home, I don’t eally need to go too far afield”.

So, if you’re looking for a wedding planner in Hertfordshire or London, give Tania a call.

You can also find Tania on Facebook

You can also enjoy this video about how to become a wedding planner!

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